Privacy policy

Information acquired by customers

We get the following information from customers:
  • Name (including nickname and pen name)
  • email address
  • telephone number
  • address
  • Information on the settlement method of customers such as credit cards, bank accounts, electronic money
  • Information that customers have disclosed to a partnership destination by the privacy settings of customers using the ID and other external services
  • Identification information generated using cookie (cookie)
  • Information about OS and terminal used by customers such as ID, terminal type, terminal identifier generated by OS
  • Customer behavior history on our website, such as the staying time of our website, input history, purchasing history, etc.
  • Usage history of our application such as activation time, input history, purchasing history of our application

Purpose to use customer information

We use the information obtained from the customer for the following purposes:
  • Reception of registration on our service, for customer identity verification, certification
  • To manage the usage history of our services
  • For payment of usage charges
  • Analyze customer behavior history in our services and helps improve our services
  • For marketing, marketing
  • To guide our services
  • To address your inquiries from customers
  • In order to respond to the acts that violate our conventions and laws and regulations
  • Change our service, discontinue, end, end, to contact cancellation
  • To notify the change of the Company
  • More than the above, for provision, maintenance, protection and improvement of our service

Third party

Of the information acquired by the customer, the Company corresponds to the personal data (Article 2 paragraph 6 of the Personal Information Protection Act), and the third party (person outside Japan) without obtaining the consent of the customer. Includes. It does not provide. However, except for the following cases:

  • When outsource handling of personal data to the outside
  • When our service is acquired
  • If you are jointly used with a business partner (if there is specific joint use, we will publish its contents separately.)
  • In addition, if a third party is permitted by law by law

Privacy Policy Change

We change the contents of this privacy policy as needed. In this case, the enforcement and content of the changed privacy policy is well known or notified by the appropriate method.


If you would like to disclose customer information, correction of information, suspension, delete, please contact the following email address.


In this case, be sure to confirm that you are a request from the person by the way you specify such as presentation of driver's license. In addition, regardless of the presence or absence of the information disclosure of information, we will appeal for a service fee of 1,000 yen per event.

Business name

Hangui Project Co., Ltd.