Terms of service

Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as "This Capital") is to define the terms of use of this service (including this site, and not, especially both.). The Terms Agreement applies to all users who use this service.

Consent to this Agreement

Users are considered to be effective and unconvincible with this service by using this service. Users who do not agree with this term can not use this service.

Underage use

If the user is a minor, please use this service after obtaining the agreement of the legal agent. If the user who started using this service without the agreement of the legal representative reaches the adult, it is considered that the use act was acknowledged while it was a minor.

Product trading

In this service, the settlement method of the product price sold by the Company, the time of transfer of ownership, the method of canceling the application of purchase, or the return method, etc., the display based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Law and other ways are separately defined by the Company. If the user applies to one of the following reasons, it is possible to cancel the sales contract with the user without prior notice. In this case, the Company does not affect the user for damages.

  • If the user violates this control
  • If the delivery of the product does not complete due to unknown and long-term absence
  • If we judge that our company's trust relationship is lost

Content use

We license private use within the scope of use of this service for users, for users, text, images, videos, audio, music, software, programs, and code and other content provided by this service. For paid content, we will grant private use within the scope of use of this service if the payment fee set forth will be completed. This is a non-exclusive usage right that can not be transferred and reoral. Beyond this range is prohibited to use the content provided by this service. If the user loses the right to use this service regardless of the reason, the user shall be accepted in advance that the content of any content of this service can not be used.


Users who have delayed payment of monetary debt to our company shall pay a delay loss due to a percentage of 14.6% a year.

Prohibited matter

Users should not do the following in the use of this service.
  • Act or action that violates the law, court judgment, decision or instruction, or administrative measures with legal restraints
  • Acts related to criminal acts
  • Action that violates intellectual property rights of our company and third parties
  • Violation of the Portrait, Privacy, Honor, Other Rights or Profits of the Company, Third Party
  • Excessive burden on our and third party servers or networks, or the act that interferes with its normal operation
  • Acts that may interfere with the operation of our services
  • Action to make or try this
  • An act that analyzes the source code of this service by disassemble, reverse compilation, reverse engineering etc.
  • Action that unauthorized or erases information that is unauthorized or accumulating information stored in our equipment in the system connected to this service
  • Action that duplicates, transmit, transfers, lend or modify websites and software for this service
  • Acts that loan, transfer, buy and sell accounts or content on this service for a third party
  • Act for commercial use of information obtained by this service
  • Acts aimed at obtaining profits in connection with this service by usual ways
  • Advertising, advertising, solicitation, or business act on this service that we do not grant
  • Act that collects or stores personal information about other users
  • Act that uses this service with illegal, fraud or unfair purpose
  • Acts that give disadvantages, damage, discomfort to other users or other third parties of this service
  • An act that consists of other users
  • Act that uses other user accounts
  • Act for the purpose of encountering with unbelievable heterosexuality
  • Act that benefits directly or indirect against antisocial forces
  • Acts that violate public order and morals
  • During walking, while driving a vehicle, the use of this service in an inappropriate situation or an aspect of the use of other book services
  • In addition, the act of judging as inappropriate

Elimination of antisocial forces

Users assert that they do not correspond to one of the following items, and they assume that they do not apply in the future and do not apply.
  • Our officers, gangsters, gangsters, gangster related companies, gangster related companies, general meeting A person, such as a shop, social movement, or special intelligent violence population, etc.
  • In the case of a corporation and other organizations, it is necessary to have a relationship that gangsters etc. are recognized as dominating management
  • In the case of a corporation and other organizations, it has a relationship that gangsters etc. are recognized as substantially involved in management
  • Have a relationship that is recognized to use gangs etc.
  • Have a relationship that is recognized as being involved in providing funds for gangs etc. or to provide convenience
  • In the case of corporation and other organizations, those who are substantially involved in their own executives or their own management have the relationship that they should be socially criticized with gangsters

Users shake that they do not perform the corresponding actions or a third party using the following items.
  • Violent requirement act
  • Unfair request acts beyond legal responsibility
  • An act of threatening or using violence for trading
  • Filling the extension, using pseudals, or using power, and the act of damaging our credit or interferes with our business
  • Other acts that conform to each other

usage limit

If the user applies to one of the following:, it is possible to limit the use of all or part of this service to the user without prior notice, or eliminate registration as a user It will be We do not take any responsibility for the damage caused by the user through the acts conducted by the Company.

  • When violating any of these terms
  • If it turns out that there is a false fact in the registration item
  • If there is a failure of money debt
  • If there is no reply even after a considerable period of time has elapsed for communication from our company
  • If there is no use of this service from the final date of use
  • If we are judged by the Company, whether it is an antisocial forces or something exchanges or involvement with antisocial power etc.
  • In addition, if we decide that we are not suitable for use in this service

Stopping this service

If you decide that you have one of the following reasons:, it shall stop or interrupt all or some of the services without prior notice. In this case, we shall not take any responsibility for any disadvantages or damage that the user or third party is covered.

  • When performing maintenance or update of computer system according to this service
  • If it becomes difficult to provide this service due to the force maje of earthquakes, lightning strikes, fires, blackouts, natural disasters or virus spreads
  • When a computer or communication line etc. stopped due to an accident
  • In addition, when we judged that our service is difficult to provide

Denial of warranty

We do not guarantee that this service or content provided by this service does not include system bugs and third party violations. It also does not guarantee safety, reliability, accuracy, integrity, efficacy, and compatibility to specific purposes.


We are not responsible for any damage caused by the user for this service. However, this disclaimer does not apply if the contract is a consumer contract set forth in the Consumer Contract Act, as a consumer contract set forth in the Consumer Agreement. Even if it corresponds to the consumer contract, the Company's negligence (excluding overwhelms.) Damage resulting from a special circumstance among the damage caused by the user (for a forecast for damage occurred. Including, or if you have foreseen, we do not take any responsibility for). We are not responsible for any trouble caused between users and other users or third parties. We shall not be liable for the user to compensate for the usage fee that the user paid to the Company for the damaged loss for this service.

Change service content

We can change the contents of this service or discontinue and terminate this service without notifying users. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the user.

Change of terms of use

We shall be able to change the terms at any time without notifying the user. Changes After the change, it shall be effective from the point of time posted on our website. After changing the terms, users who continued to use this service are considered to have agreed to these Changes after the change.

Personal information handling

The personal information of the user acquired by the use of this service shall be properly handled according to our privacy policy.

Notification or communication

Notifications or communications between users and the Company shall be done by the method of our company. The Company notifies or contacts the contact information from the user, unless otherwise notified by the Company's change, unless the Company does not have a change report, and contacts the contact information, these are users at the time of origination It is considered to be reached.

Transfer of rights obligations

Users can not transfer or collaterally be transferred to a third party or a third party, without prior consent of our written prior consent.

Transfer of business

The Company has a business transfer (business transfer, company split and other businesses relocates business transfer, company split and other businesses) according to the project will be based on the consolidation of the project, based on the terms and conditions. It is possible to transfer the rights and obligations and user information to the transfer of the business transfer. Users are considered to be an agreement for such transfer.


These terms are applied to any relationship involved in the use of this service between the user and the company. In addition to this service, we may define the rules for use. These rules shall constitute some of these terms, regardless of their name. If this term is inconsistent with these rules, these rules shall be applied prioritized.


Even if any of the terms or part of the Terms is judged to be invalid or non-enforcement, the judgment does not affect other parts, and the rest of the Terms of Terms continues to be effective and enabled It shall be with power.

Governing law, trial jurisdiction

In the interpretation of this Agreement, we will use the Japanese law. If a conflict occurs with regard to this service, we have a dedicated local court that has jurisdiction over our head office location.